What if every transition in life we encounter is an opportunity? A chance to learn and grow? The freedom to create the company of our dreams or to become a more authentic version of ourselves? At Cog, we are passionate about helping individuals, groups, and organizations navigate the uncertainty that life's transitions can bring, deepening self-awareness and fostering a more mindful company culture.


Finding it difficult to manage all of the moving parts of life? For individuals, organizations, and groups, Kathleen can assist with managing transition and change. We will begin by exploring your own set of values and core beliefs. By identifying your strengths, we can define your goals and set a plan in place to achieve those goals. Throughout the process, you will feel more prepared for any change or obstacles in your future. 


Are you looking to invest in your human capital? Do you need help managing all  of the different personalities in your start up company? Kathleen spends time with your organization listening, brainstorming, creating, and delivering a quality custom training program that hones skills and provides tools to build a mindful culture.


Weaving mindfulness throughout all of her services, Kathleen brings mindfulness education training to schools, college/universities, businesses, individuals, and groups. Awareness is fundamental  to self-discovery and transformation. The practice of mindfulness deepens our awareness in all facets of our lives.